Customer Comments

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Bill Maxted's Most Excellent Adventure

“Absolutely brilliant - so true to life. High acting standard and very amusing. We also enjoyed the music.” Mr and Mrs P. J. Wells, Alfreton

“Hugely enjoyable, a good mixture of humour and pathos. Sharp and witty! Good value.” Dr Rob Allan, Huddersfield

“It takes a well written and acted play to make you realise how much your life stands still until prompted by others.” Mr I. W. Press, Rainworth, Notts

“Absolutely brilliant. Fabulous story, superb acting, witty, engaging, triggered many emotions.” Miss J. Pennington, Sydney, Australia.

“Actors were fantastic, enthusiastic and likeable. Story great!! Enjoyed the minimal scenery and ways of changing it!” Mr Ledger, Mansfield, Notts

“I liked the interaction between the two leads. Bill is alive and well - living in Huddersfield.” Mr Barrett, Huddersfield

“Very enjoyable - witty - moments of poignancy and vulnerability.” Mrs Kate Griffin, Holmfirth

“Really good fun. True to life in lots of cases! Enjoyed the music!” Mrs Lucie Froggatt, Barnsley

“Funny, poignant, moving, reminds me of people I know (maybe me!) (esp. the music).” Mr Peter Mallinson, Liversedge

“I liked the humour. Brilliant acting and the twist at the end was brilliant.” Mrs Doreen Rawlinson, Huddersfield

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