Bill Maxted's Most Excellent Adventure

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Huddersfield Daily Examiner 22.4.05:

A delightful piece of original theatre, awash with charm and warmth, received rapturous applause from the LBT audience last night.

Bill Maxted’s Most Excellent Adventure, by Angela Truby, deserved every clap and cheer for its terrific script and eminently likeable characters.

Picture of Sarah, Maggie and Bill at the theatre

In fact this is the key to a play which centres on two unlikely souls who both need to make changes in their lives.

Firstly, Bill Maxted (Chris Wilkinson), a 50-something stuffy former Rolls-Royce manager, with a penchant for ordered systems. An archetypal Daily Mail reader who has a top ten of digestive biscuits and a distinct dislike of exotic foreign foods such as pizza.

His marriage has broken up and all he has left is his passion for sixties/seventies music, fed by his thousands of alphabetically organised records.

On the first day of his new job at a university he meets Maggie (Vanya Green), a fun loving widow who is adored by all around her. She’s colourful, creative, fizzes with life and energy, and decides to take Bill under her wing.

With Bill’s metamorphosis underway, can he in turn come to Maggie’s aid?

Picture of Bill Maxted forcing Maggie to listen to his music

This was a hugely enjoyable production with an abundance of laughs and two engrossing performances from the leads.

Wilkinson succeeds in always presenting Bill as a loveable character and only Green’s eyes sparkled more than her acting. With a good supporting cast this production warrants every round of applause it gets.

Adrian Sudbury (Huddersfield Examiner)

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