Bill Maxted's Most Excellent Adventure

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The Derbyshire Times:

The attractions of opposites in a new play by Angela Truby strikes a chord with spectators as well as strengthening this Derbyshire writer’s flourishing reputation. The two main players in ‘Bill Maxted’s Most Excellent Adventure’ really summed up the strength and fragility of human relationships.

Picture of Bill and Maggie in the airport

Vanya Green was outstanding as the free-spirited widow Maggie, loved by everyone who met her, helping lame ducks and dancing to Robbie Williams’ music. Chris Wilkinson as the list-obsessed music-mad introverted Bill had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century where he learned to skateboard, eat pizza and discover the various styles of women’s underwear.

Picture of Maggie and Sharon in the office

Support roles from Francesca Larkin, as everything from angst-ridden student to concerned daughter, and Jeanne Golding who had a wonderful command of American and Geordie accents as well as playing a stroppy wife to perfection, added to the fun.

Gay Bolton (Derbyshire Times)

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