World Premiere

Scribbler & Spouse

by Award Winner James Robson
Picture of Spouse with chair above Scribbler

“Age rage takes centre stage… One of the most powerful plays I have seen… Talent of this calibre is not often seen and heard in provincial theatres… ”

(Gay Bolton writing in the Derbyshire Times.)

“A brilliant performance, a superbly funny achingly realistic production ”

(June Atkins on BBC Radio Lincolnshire. See full review.)

“A funny, endearingly honest piece of theatre… refreshingly candid…”

(Julia Pattison in the Pocklington Post. See full review.)

“Alan Meadows seizes the chance to embody a writer whose work has been fuelled by his private quirks and worries in a seemingly effortless performance.”

(Steve Pratt in the Northern Echo. See full review.)

“Sextogenerian James Robson sent off the script of ‘Scribbler & Spouse’ to Yellow Leaf Theatre, a group of theatre professionals all aged over 60 who pride themselves in celebrating rather than ruing their maturity. Their production is proof that Lincoln was right when he said “… in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

(Sandra Giorgetti in The British Theatre Guide. See full review.)

‘Scribbler & Spouse’ previewed at the Burbage Village Community Arts Festival on Wednesday 16th May 2007 and opened at the Pomegranate Theatre in Chesterfield for a three-day run on Thursday 17th May. This was followed by a more extensive tour that extended into Spring 2008.

A further week of performances was presented at The Brockley Jack in London, this time with Maria Warburg playing the part of Spouse, from 30th September to 4th October 2008.

Picture of Scribbler arm-wrestling with Spouse

Everything you wanted to know about the Soaps, but weren’t sure who to ask…

‘Scribbler’ has been there, done it, survived the hangovers and carries the scars. Now he’s ready to spill the beans. And not just about the Soaps, but Posh Theatre, Fringe Theatre, First Night catastrophes…

Like Scribbler, James Robson has been there too. His fascinating and ferociously funny script will give you an eye-opening backstage tour of the drama industry. This is the authentic insider’s voice, beautifully written, unflinchingly honest.

Oh – and his ‘Spouse’ may blurt out a few home truths that even Scribbler might blush to mention…

James Robson, born 1944, lives in Kirbymoorside North Yorkshire with his wife, son and daughter. He has been a soldier, manager of a blues group, grave-digger, antique dealer, as well as a professional writer for over 30 years.

He has written extensively for Radio, TV, and his first and best love – the Theatre. He has had two RSC productions: ‘Factory Birds’ for which he won the Evening Standard Award for ‘Most Promising Playwright’ and ‘King Baby’ also directed by Mike Attenborough at the Barbican Pit.

Picture of Scribbler and Spouse

His acclaimed play ‘Mail Order Bride’ played at the West Yorkshire Playhouse starring Sir Timothy West and directed by Jude Kelly.

His last play ‘Mister Wonderful’ began life at Derby Playhouse and is proving very popular with Amdram companies from New Zealand to Majorca.

What others have said of his work:

“…a moral concern for the fate of human beings which puts Robson’s aspirations in Ibsen’s sphere…” (Alfred Hickling reviewing ‘Mail Order Bride’ in the Yorkshire Post)

“Suddenly surreal and poetic… beautifully crafted and full of lovely moments, surprises, tough spikey humour yet with tenderness too…” (BBC Radio Kaleidoscope)