Play : Scribbler and Spouse

Venue : The Studio, York Theatre Royal

Review by : Julia Pattison

Yellow Leaf Theatre Company made a welcome return to York Theatre Royal Studio, with their latest production ‘Scribbler and Spouse’, written by award-winning Yorkshire playwright, James Robson, and directed by Chris Wilkinson.

Featuring Alan Meadows as Scribbler, and Vanessa Rosenthal as Spouse, this was a funny, endearingly honest piece of theatre.

Scribbler was supposedly addressing York Writers’ Circle, with his long suffering Spouse in the supporting role. The audience was invited to take part, but such was the strength of Alan Meadows’ performance, it would have taken a brave person to take on “Scribbler”!

Vanessa Rosenthal was most convincing as his Spouse, soothing her husband’s ruffled ego, reassuring him; happy to make do with the crumbs of affection he occasionally deigned to throw her way. There was a real poignancy in the role as you realised that she’d sacrificed her own talent in order to support him in his quest for fame.

The fascinating and funny script gave us an eye-opening backstage tour of the drama industry, with Alan Meadows capturing Scribbler’s sense of frustration vividly.

A refreshingly candid play, taking a brave stand against “the unabashed age-ism of TV, Theatre, and now it seems, sadly, Radio”.