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Old Skool Ties

by Alan Meadows

Liz and Lawrence accept an invitation to catch up with old school chums at a posh hotel

Imagine… all those faces you haven't seen for decades.

It’ll be just harmless fun… won’t it?

Old Skool Ties is a bit of a nostalgia trip, a bit of a mystery and more than a bit of a laugh.

This ingenious comedy was specially written for Ringwood Hall Dinner Theatre in Brimington, Chesterfield, where it was performed in February 2004 with the following cast:

Yellow Leaf performed another season of Sunday night performances of Old Skool Ties at Ringwood Hall in February 2005.

Here is what the Director and General Manager, Mrs Rona Cosh, wrote:

“I understand the evening was a tremendous success and we have received many excellent comments from our guests… Our sincere thanks for all your hard work… Looking forward enormously to the next season of Theatre Dinners…”

Yellow Leaf’s latest Dinner Theatre production, Bobbles & Bowls – another play by Alan Meadows – was produced by the company at Ringwood Hall in January and February 2006.

photo of Skool at Ringwood hall

Yellow Leaf at Ringwood Hall 2005