Modelling Spitfires

by Vanessa Rosenthal

“Modelling Spitfires” has just completed a run at the New End Theatre, in Hampstead.

photo of Maurice playing with his spitfires

“We don't do normal in this house, Janet.”

Maurice is a little odd – but basically harmless, surely. He likes to build model aeroplanes. He also drops bombshells that explode long-buried secrets and turn people’s lives upside down.

Marcia’s home is under threat. From her own brother!

Is Maurice a harmless head-case? Or a master manipulator? And what about the new woman he wants to bring home? Is she too good to be true? Or too innocent to be believed?

photo of Maurice and Anita

This intriguing new family drama had its première at Huddersfield’s Lawrence Batley Theatre on 6th May 2004 with the following cast:

We reprised this play, with Dee Whitehead playing the part of Janet, in the Spring & Summer of 2006.

At the New End the part of Janet was played by Julie Higginson.

What Ray Brown had to say about the production in The British Theatre Guide:

“Modelling Spitfires… captures in three skilfully drawn characters the hell of sibling rivalry and the flesh wounds of mental disturbance – and it’s all wrapped up in a blanket of humour and sympathy… Good performances all round with moments of brilliance.… If you want to benefit from years of theatrical experience, seek out Yellow Leaf.”

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This is what Steve and Fran Onions wrote about the production for ‘Theatreworld’ & the ‘Walsall Advertiser’:

“Fast becoming a well-known theatre group, Yellow Leaf is bringing new and innovative theatre to places you would not expect quality to exist… The cast was superb with some of the best acting I have seen for some time. Walsall now have quality theatre… ”

For full review see here

Julia Pattison in the Pocklington Post, York:

“A well-performed, quality production that got off to a flying start and soared throughout.”

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