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Modelling Spitfires

“Brilliant. Well crafted dialogue & inspired acting. Well worth travelling for – thank you!” Susie Robinson, Glasgow

“I really enjoyed the show – so did my partner, Graham. On the way home we talked about how refreshing it was to see something really good! Going to the theatre often makes me cross because there’s so much that’s mediocre or over-reaching – or I’m left with a sense of dissatisfaction over missed opportunities.

‘Modelling Spitfires’ left me ‘satisfied’. It entertained me, engaged me, moved me, excited me and made me think – so thank you!” Caroline Small, Sheffield

“Extremely moving, unsettling, thought-provoking & accurate – brilliant performance.” Richard Bateman, Buxton

“Super performances, fabulous and very moving play. David Neville, Edinburgh

“A joy to see three excellent professionals work so well. Fantastic evening. Fine acting.” Tom Eliot, Macclesfield

“A very interesting piece with underlying danger. I liked the way the mental states of all three characters were not pushed, but showed a great understanding.”

Pamela Buchner, Holt, Norfolk.

“It made me realise that I am not as mad as I thought I was. The sense of being trapped was hard to take but so real.” Judith Aylmer, Basingstoke

“Very well presented. I enjoyed the plot and how things turned out in the end.” Kate Tucker, Leicester

“Convincing & enthralling in all respects – in the writing, the drama & the performance.” Robert Johnstone, Kings Langley

“A thought-provoking play about the very complex relationship between the carer and the cared for, and how sibling rivalry can result when one sibling receives most of the parents’ attention.” Mr. W. Morrison, Rotherham

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“Fantastic performances. Well told story. Really enjoyed it.” Dr. David Brooks, Chesterfield

“Interesting & challenging storyline. Great dialogue. Funny & moving.” John Macleod, Leeds

“Very good!!! I enjoyed how my sympathies changed as the story unfolded.” Bernard Percival, Macclesfield

“Excellent portrayal of a carer and the cared for. Amusing and I could relate to the messages.” Kate Tucker, Leicester

“Very powerful. Very clever situation so that things can be said that are revealing & interesting.” Bridget Johnstone, Herts

“Great script, well and thoughtfully acted, on a subject that touches us all in one form or another.” Robin Turnbull, Kendal

“Brilliantly written & excellently performed. Thought-provoking.” Dave Shepherd, Hasland

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