Modelling Spitfires

At The Crossing at St Pauls, Walsall

“Fast becoming a well-known theatre group, Yellow Leaf is bringing new and innovative theatre to places you would not expect quality to exist. St Pauls (the Crossing) in Walsall have started to coax high quality plays to our area. Last Thursday for one evening Vanessa Rosenthal’s Modelling Spitfires was performed at the Crossing in Walsall and may I say it was one of the best plays I have seen for sometime.

“The theatre group consists of Vannessa Rosenthal, Chris Wilkinson, Dee Whitehead and Alan Meadows all with some considerable time in the game and some superb history between them.

“The Play begins as Maurice returns home from the mental hospital to find his sister Anita running the family home and his mother long gone to her grave. Maurice visits memory lane about the mother he loved but whom Anita found far from loveable. Just as she is about to start to live again, brother Maurice has a different agenda.

“Just a harmless mental patient but he has the power to swing wing her in a downwards spiral, as not only is her peaceful life slipping away it also looks like her home is as well. Janet, Maurice’s Hospital companion who loves pink and little bunnies, joins them as his intended and Anita worries about her intentions as she mentions, ‘We don’t do normal in this house.’

“Well-written and developed, Modelling Spitfires looks at the aspect of the lives of not only the mentally ill but also what affect this has on the sane person. With a simple set and simple lighting it shows that professional theatre can be seen most anywhere. The cast was superb with some of the best acting I have seen for sometime especially Chris Wilkinson’s portrayal of Maurice.

“Walsall now have quality theatre in St Pauls (The Crossing) look out for the next one in June.”

Steve & Fran Onions, reviewers for Theatreworld & Walsall Advertiser.

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